Tun Hanif's Gift to Shooting


He believed that Malaysians could excel in shooting as it is one sport where physique matters little. So long as special concessions are made to youth and national shooters, he knows Malaysians can deliver the goods. Aware of NSAM president Ally Ong’s desire to popularise the sport and encourage more youngsters to take up shooting, Tun Hanif requested Ally to be the chairman of the Firearms Committee in 1980.

He was appointed based on his integrity, passion and vast knowledge of the sport. The committee then comprised of officials from NSAM and Police. The move to form the Firearms Committee eliminated all red tapes in licensing for all shooting associations and competitors alike.

As a result of Tun Hanif’s contribution, today all shooting associations in the country have sufficient guns and equipment for training and competition purposes. Due to Tun Hanif’s far-sightedness, shooting has since reached new heights as evident by its laudable achievements in the 1998 Commonwealth Games. 


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The National Shooting Association of Malaysia is one of the most active sport associations in the country. It is just about the only sport association in the country that organises numerous national level championships every year. 

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