Big Helping Hand from former IGP

When the National Shooting Association of Malaysia (NSAM) and Selangor Shooting Association (SSA) were making zealous efforts to promote the sport in the 1980s, Tan Sri Norian complemented the duo’s enthusiasm with his prompt approval of shooters’ memberships and gun’s licences.

Due to the nation’s strict gun laws, he realised then that the sport was facing severe obstacles in attracting more young blood to the sport. To help NSAM overcome the problem, he expedited the approval process and that was a real shot in the arm for the national body as it meant that more people, particularly young adults, could take up shooting. In the eighties, he was an Officer-in-Charge of Police District (OCPD) of Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. NSAM could vividly recall that Tan Sri Norian’s efficiency during that period was responsible for the smooth processing of firearms licencing.

As NSAM and SSA were in the district of Petaling Jaya, the duo’s licencing and membership applications came under Tan Sri Norian’s perview. Naturally, the two are indeed delighted that Tan Sri Norian is now at the helm of the Malaysian Police force and they can count on him and the Police for blessings in the promotion of the sport.

The most recent being the Police’s approval of those 12 and above to take up shooting sports. This has enabled students to pursue shooting and created a wider pool of talent for the nation.  


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The National Shooting Association of Malaysia is one of the most active sport associations in the country. It is just about the only sport association in the country that organises numerous national level championships every year. 

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