NSAM Range Safety Rules

  • When a member of the Committee is present and a weapon is being checked.
  • When putting away the gun, snap caps are placed inside to ease the springs; in this case, the member shall walk away to the side of the range, clear of all persons and deliberately aim his gun at the ground six feet and then snap the trigger.
  • Any person carelessly handling a gun on the range, even though it is unloaded, shall be called to order by any member and if necessary by a committee member who shall suspend the offender forthwith and he shall be called before a meeting of the committee.
  • No gun shall be pointed at any person. Any person wishing to test his grip and lift the gun, etc. shall do so with permission, from the Captain (facing down the trap or stop butts) and then do his tries.
  • Any gun being carried about on the ranges shall be:-
    1. If double - or single-barreled, be broken and opened) If an auto, then the breach will be BACK. This applies equally when changing posts at the firing point.
  • Guns will be closed by the following methods only:-
    1. Break Back Type: by raising the butt at the barrels.
    2. Auto: by releasing the breach under hand control. This applies also to the completion of the loading.
  • An order to UNLOAD will be complied with INSTANTLY.
  • All firers on the firing point, when ordered to unload, will unload theirs guns and will call "Clear Here" to the supervisor before moving off, and whilst still facing forward.
  • No detail shall ever be shot without some members being present, e.g. the firing point supervisor.
  • Failure to arrive at the firing point to shoot within a reasonable time when their names are being called, will result in forfeiture of the right to shoot in that practice or event.
  • Gun testing at testing targets shall be done only under the supervision of captain or committee member. 
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    The National Shooting Association of Malaysia is one of the most active sport associations in the country. It is just about the only sport association in the country that organises numerous national level championships every year. 

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